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Your One-Stop Shop for Quality Assurance

From Mobile To Web To Backend Applications, We've Got You Covered.

Netopz offers thorough quality assurance services for any kind of application, including backend, online, and mobile. Our skilled quality assurance team makes use of the most recent methods and resources to guarantee that your program is dependable, user-friendly, and fully working. You can rely on us to handle all of your quality assurance needs with our one-stop shop approach, which will save you time and money.



NetOPZ offer thorough quality assurance testing for mobile software; nothing is left up to chance. Our knowledgeable staff organizes and carries out comprehensive mobile testing that addresses every facet of your app's operation and efficiency.



We ensure that your website is fully functional, user-friendly, and secure through comprehensive testing of its performance, usability, and security. Our QA services span the entire development cycle, from inception to maintenance, ensuring that your website meets your specifications and exceeds user expectations.



The backend is the backbone of your software, responsible for its performance and stability. Our comprehensive backend QA services ensure that your software is robust, reliable, and meets your customers' needs. With our expert testing and validation, you can be confident in the quality and functionality of your backend systems.


Automation testing

The goal of automation is to increase efficiency & reduce the number of errors in software by automating the execution of tests- This minimizes the risk of human error, saves time, money & increases overall quality of the software

Back-end testing

It is the process of testing the back-end or server-side components of a software or application. This includes testing the servers, databases, and APIs that power the software or application plus testing the data that is stored and retrieved by the software.

User interface (UI) testing

Process of testing the front-end or client-side components of a software or application. Here we test visual elements of the software or application, such as the buttons, menus, & other controls.

Total Quality Control: Our Testing Experts Run Rigorous Tests On Every Component Of Your Software, Delivering A Product That Meets Your Expectations And Your Users' Needs